Affordances for learning in virtual worlds by Scott Grant, Monash University

March 1, 2014 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Affordances for learning in virtual worlds by Scott Grant, Monash University

Ever since the early days of people writing about VWs for language learning there has been an emphasis on the “affordances” that VWs inherently provide for language learning and task-based learning. I take an historical look at a couple of different variations of concepts of affordances and then show some brief examples from video recordings I made of a couple of students during a lesson which illustrate successful and unsuccessful realisations of affordances I designed into the Chinese Island learning environment. My thinking on this is not complete yet, but presenting and getting feedback could help crystallise things a bit. Informal meeting with those interested in doing a thesis, phd or similar in virtual worlds.

Scott will also talk about a successful in obtaining Australian Federal Government funding for a project based on Chinese language learning in a virtual world environment. They haven’t formally started the project yet, but I could talk about the project, the reasoning behind the project and the goals.

Scott Grant [Xilin Yifu] is a graduate of Monash University with Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Translation Studies degrees. His PhD thesis on teaching language and culture in virtual worlds. The working title is “Getting Immersed in Chinese”.

Scott spent 8 years living, studying and working in China.

Scott has taught Chinese language and culture at tertiary level for more than ten years. He also taught translation for a number of years at post-graduate level and is a professionally qualified translator. Scott has developed a Chinese-themed virtual leaning environment in Second Life on Chinese Island at Monash University 2.

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