Learn It Town Symposium and Tour

March 1, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Learn It Town Symposium and Tour

Why Blended Educational Programing using Immersive Environments works with all Cultures with Laura Jeffcoat [Lowri Mills] and Shelwyn Corrigan [Wynshel Heir]

Seven  years of research teaching and managing a Language Learning Community and 60,000 students from over 121 countries have shown Laura Jeffcoat (Lowri Mills) what works best with a global community for Education. There is a difference between “Online Learning” and “Virtual Immersive Learning”. Laura will go through the process she has seen with what works and doesn’t work when teaching students from different cultures. She will share with educators and future educators how “Blended Learning” is the wave of the future.

The group discussion will be followed by a tour of Learn It Town.

Laura Jeffcoat/Lowri Mills is a behaviorist and pioneer in virtual immersive education. She is the CEO of Learn It Town, LLC. She worked with Languagelab.com for 7 years. She was involved with its start up and for years was involved in every aspect of it’s development. Her focus is education and the global community’s development. Her main focus today is on immersive technology solutions for the enterprise, government agencies and educational institutions. She is involved with the education and training, day to day operations, strategy and planning. She works daily to maintain and build a virtual educational global community.

Ms. Jeffcoat is also a developer of ESL educational gaming for different cultures. She is in daily direct contact with students and teachers from all over the world (over 74 countries) which has provided her with valuable insight on how to make language learning in virtual worlds engaging, user friendly and effective. She also has extensive experience managing the delivery of new digital products to a variety of educational and commercial institutions such as Pearson Education, Brazilian Government, Chevron, Emery-Roberts and many others.

Shelwyn Corrigan (aka Wynshel Heir/English Easily) has a Master’s in Linguistics, a Master’s in Digital Media & Learning, and certification in Multimedia Studies. She has worked in digital design since 1994. In addition, she has taught ESL and EFL in Europe and South America and at universities in California and New York. Her interests are in teaching pronunciation, academic oral skills, and the integration of new media in the classroom. She is working on machinima development for language learners and teachers. She is a media consultant and web designer and has taught ESL at the University of San Francisco (USF) since 2001. She also works in Second Life as a teacher in English City. Shelwyn teaches graduate courses in the Digital Media and Learning Program and is currently devoting most of her time to course development for the new online MA TESOL Program at USF. (For informal sandbox/working file samples:


with Ana Gema Gallego Garcia as she tells you about her journey of learning the English language from books to Second Life. How it inspired her and has changed her life. This will end with a demo lesson in Spanish.

Ana Gema Gallego Garcia aka Titaone Hurricane

“Ana Gema Gallego Garcia is the COO of Learn It Town, LLC. A language school that specializes in blended learning in a virtual environment. Ana Gema started as a language learner few years ago, she tried to learn English as a native Spanish speaker.
She tried to learn English with books and became just a basic learner so she thought what should I do next? So she went to and Language Academy in Gandia and her level still the same so she decided to go to a language school in London and spent a month in an immersive environment, then she had a private teacher and arrived to a preintermediate level.
After that she joined an immersive community with the teachers that are at Learn It Town and she went in 1 year from a pre-intermediate student to an advance English speaker.
Within 6 months she was able to work there, helping other students to learn, communicating in English with people all around the world until now that is working in the development of Learn It Town (LIT): a new opportunity on learning languages using the things she had learned that have been developed from the books, the city, from going and using online immersive environment to where anyone can go from beginner to and advance learner in one year of language with this approach that have been pioneer by the partners of LIT, who have many years of experience and are pioneers of the online learning industry.
She is developing, with a unique group of women, a new and improve blended learning approach , to not just language but any subject that can be learned from:business language, history, astronomy…all of this things can be learn and taught in this new learning environment called Learn It Town.”

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