Tour in family Gómez house with Dr. Ines Diglione

Format: Presentation and Tour

Familia Gomez is a series of machinima which have been produced over a period of 2 years with the 15th serial just having been published. This telenovela is designed for learning Spanish and involves a family and their exchange student Bettina. The actors: JOSÉ (father Alfonso Perfferle), MARÍA (mother Losairam), TÍA ANA (Aunt Ana – Ines), MARÍA JOSÉ (Tuanjana as child), BETTINA (Heike Philp), KENNY (a friend of Maria Jose), GLORIS, EL CONDUCTOR (bus driver), KITTY (cat), PUP (puppy dog).

For a description of the characters see here

Ines Diglione aka Inés Rodríguez is doctor of Philology, Full professor of Italian Studies position
Head of Department French and Italian Philology, University of Valencia (Spain)
For several years she occupied various management positions at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication from the University of Valencia. Director of Educational Innovation Project (PIE) Italian Philology, Director of Educational Innovation Program “”ECTS Pilot Project”", Member of Teaching Innovation Group at the University of Valencia TACAES. At the present Director of Teaching Innovation Group and Network of Universities from the University of Valencia SLATES”

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