KEYNOTE Dr. Scott Grant: Virtual Prato Tour

March 1, 2014 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
KEYNOTE Dr. Scott Grant: Virtual Prato Tour

Presentation and a tour of the build

This talk is about the first stage of a project that a couple of other colleagues and myself completed at the end of last year called Virtual Prato (VP). The core focus of the project is to provide a 3D virtual orientation experience for students from our university who will travel to our centre in Prato, Italy to undertake either language studies or non-language studies (art history, etc,). We have completed 80% of the build and a number of tasks for students to complete.

Scott Grant [Xilin Yifu] is a graduate of Monash University with Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Translation Studies degrees. His PhD thesis on teaching language and culture in virtual worlds. The working title is “Getting Immersed in Chinese”.

Scott spent 8 years living, studying and working in China.

Scott has taught Chinese language and culture at tertiary level for more than ten years. He also taught translation for a number of years at post-graduate level and is a professionally qualified translator. Scott has developed a Chinese-themed virtual leaning environment in Second Life on Chinese Island at Monash University 2.


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