ARABIA: Language learning through cultural experiences in a virtual world

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 5am SLT | 12pm GMT | 9pm TYO

Recording (1h34min):

ARABIA: Language learning through cultural experiences in a virtual world

Presentation of a project that investigated a method of enabling learners to asynchronously engage with culturally-based content outside of F2F contact hours and attempted to determine if learning outcomes are at least as good as traditional F2F classroom-based learning outcomes.  A blended approach combining a standard LMS (Blackboard or Moodle) and  the 3D online virtual world Second Life was chosen. A virtual simulation was built in Second Life that reflects aspects of Arabic culture related to daily life and family life and enabled lower-level students of Arabic to engage directly with these aspects of Arabic culture at both an intellectual and visceral level.ARABIA: Language learning through cultural experiences in a virtual world.

Bio Scott Grant  [Xilin Yifu]

I have been teaching Chinese language and culture at tertiary level for nearly 14 years. He is currently working on his PhD thesis on teaching language and culture in virtual worlds. The working title is “Getting Immersed in Chinese”.

I have developed a Chinese-themed virtual leaning environment in Second Life on Chinese Island at Monash University 2. In line with constructivist / social-constructivist education principles, this environment has been purpose designed for the learning of Chinese language and culture both synchronously and asynchronously. Since 2008 nearly 1000 students have taken part in regular lessons on the island.

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