SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 12pm SLT | 7pm GMT | 4am TYO Recording (45min): NEXT-TELL There is a widening gap between the expected and actual performance of our educational institutions. Demands and requirements are rising, budget and organizational structures lag behind. We are facing the consequences in the declining ranks of European … Continue reading

Euroversity Symposium

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 6pm GMT | 11am SLT | 3am TYO Recording (47min): YouTube Recording   SYMPOSIUM (1h) EUROVERSITY Panelists: Gary Motteram, Ton Koenraad, Luisa Panichi,  Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart, Klaus Hammermüller Moderator: David Richardson    EUROVERSITY is a network of educational institutions in Europe. EUROVERSITY wants to … Continue reading

Exhibition Mary Guggenheim

  Exhibition is still open at   Mary Guggenheim was born to Dr. Louis Guggenheim and Maude Hellman in 1917, Saint Louis, Missouri. Mary received her early education in Saint Louis convents and in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she was a classmate of Indira Gandhi. Mary was offered early admission to … Continue reading

Spanish Symposium

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 8am SLT | 3pm GMT | 12am TYO Recording (1h): Recording (1h2min): SPANISH Symposium  Spanish-English Aprendizaje de herramientas docentes en mundos virtuales Se describirá los dos cursos organizados como coordinadora de innovacón docente de la Universidad de Valencia, sobre creación y edición de … Continue reading

Holodeck Workshop

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 -1pm GMT | 6am SLT | 10pm TYO Recording (1h): (this recording is a recording of a re-run of the session on Sunday 21 Oct because we sadly had technical issues and lost the original recording) Using Holodecks to Enhance Language Learning:  A Workshop This workshop explores the … Continue reading


SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 6am SLT | 1pm GMT | 10pm TYO Recording (38min): Virtlantis This presentation/discussion will aim to provide an overview of VIRTLANTIS and respond to any questions related to virtual world language learning. Although listed as a 1hr event, we will have a demo of … Continue reading