Critcally Minded

SATURDAY, 29 September 2012 –  1am SL | 8am GMT | 5pm TYO

Recording (46min):

Critcally Minded

In 2010, the presenter created the podcast, Critically Minded: Critical Thinking For 2nd Language Learners. Around the same time he also began the initial stages in the creation of a Critical Thinking Skills Development Center at Edunations. At first, The Center served as a site through which it was imagined the podcast could receive wider attention.
Later, as the presenter developed a blended approach to the integration of the podcast into his classes, the affordances of SL became more apparent. The presenter discusses how he now plans to offer what he developed in his university classes to English learners in SL.


David Gann has lived and taught in Japan for over sixteen years. He has taught at the university level since 2002. He is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at Gunma Prefectural Women’s University and Takasaki University of Economics while completing his second M.A. in Educational Technologies and TESOL at the University of Manchester U.K. He serves the JALT Critical Thinking SIG as Program Chair.
His interests include reading strategies, technology and language learning and critical thinking instruction.

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