English language training for people who communicate across cultures

SATURDAY, 29 September 2012 – 12pm GMT | 5am SL | 9pm TYO
Recording (48):http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p79myi4asii/

English language training for people who communicate across cultures

Most English language conversations take place between people who speak English as a second language rather than between native speakers. Increasingly, these conversations are between people

from different cultures. For this communication to be successful each person must understand the accent, style of the other speaker and be able to adapt to their level. Traditional English training typically familiarises students with one English accent, preferably a native one, giving learners no opportunity to practise communicating with people from outside their cultures.

In this presentation the speaker will demonstrate how Languagelab.com have leveraged modern technology and teaching methods to train learners to communicate internationally, overcoming challenges to facilitate intercultural understanding.

Bio Laura Jeffcoat [Lowri Mills]

Laura Jeffcoat/Lowri Mills is the Community Director/In-world Manager of Languagelab.com. She was involved with its start up and for 6 years has been involved in every aspect of the Community’s development.  She is involved with the education and training, day to day operations, strategy and planning. She works daily to maintain and build a virtual educational global community.

Ms. Jeffcoat is a developer of ESL educational gaming for different cultures. She is in daily direct contact with students and teachers from all over the world (over 60 countries) which has provided her with valuable insight on how to make language learning in virtual worlds engaging, user friendly and effective. She also has extensive experience managing the delivery of new digital products to a variety of educational and commercial institutions such as Pearson Education, Brazilian Government, Chevron, Emery-Roberts and many others.

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