Game: Lindenwood Squares

SATURDAY, 29 September 2012

Recording (46min)

Lindenwood Squares

Lindewood Squares is the Second Life version of TV panel game show in which two contestants play noughts and crosses(also known as ‘tic-tac-toe) to win cash and prizes.  You can come and simply  ‘watch’, but everyone will be able to ‘interact’ whether as a cheering audience, a celebrity in a square, or as one of the contestants.  (There will be prizes!!)

Bio Helen Myers [Karelia Kondor]

Helen Myers is a teacher of French and a manager in a large UK secondary school, and Chair of the London branch of ALL (the Association of Language Learning) and its former president. Her main electronic means of communication is via the Yahoo mflresources forum which she oversees Helen is involved in a pilot project with BCS, providing a SL environment for teenagers.  Her avatar Karelia Kondor is nearly 5 years old, and has enjoyed meeting fascinating people from all over the world and being able to practise and learn French, German and Italian. Her blog records some of her SL activities http://kareliakondor.wordpress which include ‘Musica in Classe’ and ‘Reading Jane’ (English pronunciation through song and literature respectively).  She will (nearly) always have pink hair.

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