GAMESMOOC Explorations in Educational Games

FRIDAY, 28 September 2012- 11am SLT | 6pm GMT | 2am TYO (Sat)

Recording (1h05min):


GAMESMOOC Explorations in Educational Games

Explore how people learn through board and word games, puzzle games, strategy and roleplay games such as WoW and Minecraft, and then gaze into the future of educational games and how you can leverage games-based learning in your classes.  The session concludes with an overview of an online learning community that studies the potential of games for education, called the Games Massive Online Open Course (GAMESMOOC).


Lyr Lobo, also known as Dr. Cynthia Calongne is a Professor and Chair of Emerging Media at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO, where she has taught campus and online classes since 1996. She has a Doctor of Computer Science degree and her research blends virtual worlds, emerging media, education, innovation, robotics and game design.

Her team received the $25,000 Grand Prize in the 2010 Federal Virtual World Challenge for the Mars Expedition Strategy Challenge, a space simulation that features challenge-based learning in Second Life.

Since 2006, she has hosted 111 conference presentations, taught 33 university classes in Second Life and mentored 400+ middle school students in Ramapo’s virtual world. She was a software engineer for thirteen years on projects for Air Force Space Command and in Washington, DC.

Visit for her slides and blog at

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