Holodeck Workshop

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 -1pm GMT | 6am SLT | 10pm TYO

Recording (1h): http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p55s4myb2mq/

(this recording is a recording of a re-run of the session on Sunday 21 Oct because we sadly had technical issues and lost the original recording)

Using Holodecks to Enhance Language Learning:  A Workshop

This workshop explores the potential of holodeck technology to enhance language teaching in the Virtual World (VW) ofSecond Life (SL).  While many language teachers are exploring the potential of SL for language learning, it is often a challenge to have a “space” to use for a classroom, meeting place, simulations, or classroom exchange location.  This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to holodeck technology, discuss some of those currently available (commercial and open source), explore their use for educational simulations, and guide the participants in creating their own “scenes.”  Participants should have some experience in SL prior to the workshop.


Randall Sadler is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he teaches courses on Computer-Mediated Communication and Language Learning (CMCLL), Virtual Worlds and Language Learning (VWLL) and Teaching of Second Language Reading and Writing.  His main research focus is on the role of technology in language learning, with a particular focus on how Virtual Worlds may be used to enhance that process.  He has published in these areas in journals including the Journal of English for Academic Purposes, CALICO Journal, and Computers & Education.  His latest book, Virtual Worlds, Telecollaboration, and Language Learning: From Theory to Practice is published by Peter Lang.  He is also the co-owner of the EduNation Islands, which are located in the Virtual World Second Life, where he may often be found in the guise of his avatar Randall Renoir.

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