Immersive Games for Language Teaching in Virtual Worlds

FRIDAY, 28 September 2012 – 1pm SL | 8pm GMT | 4am TYO (Sat)

Recording (49min):


Immersive Games for Language Teaching in Virtual Worlds

An educational game area for teachers to try out more than 50 games for language teaching in virtual worlds. Poster boards with clear instructions will be displayed next to each game so anyone can easily play the games at any time during the conference. In addition, community brainstorming boards will be set up for attendees to add ideas to on the vocabulary, grammar, and language functions that can be taught with the games.


BIO – Barbara McQueen [Barbara Novelli]

Decades of mentoring fellow teachers one-on-one, through in-services, as an ESL teacher trainer for Oxford Seminars, and as a conference presenter for TESOL and the VWBPE. Currently developing and delivering online ESL courses that make use of situational role-playing, games, mysteries, machinimas, and special events. Winner of multiple machinima awards, most notably the MachinEVO award for Best Second Life Animation and the ISTE Awards for Best Film by College Students and Best Acting. For examples, go to: .

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