Museum of Virtual Media Tour

SATURDAY, 29 September 2012 - 6pm GMT |  11am SL |3am TYO

Recording (1h01min):


Museum of Virtual Media Tour

The Museum of Virtual Media was inspired by Infinite Reality, a book on virtual worlds technology and education written by Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson. The MVM is the collaborative final project of the University of Washington’s Certificate in Virtual Worlds (UWVW) Class 2012. [Randy Hinrichs of 2B3D is the instructor for the UW program.]

Take a flying guided tour of the Museum on the back of a giant raven, then visit interactive exhibits on the history of communications technologies from the prehistoric caves at Lascaux to the latest generations of virtual reality. Teleport to exhibits, participate in an interactive quest, or explore at your own pace [through] storytelling, graphics, cinematography, television, theater, sculpture, photography, electricity, broadcast media, manuscripts, and printing.

Each exhibit applies different 3D instructional design methodologies including storytelling, gaming and learning archetypes to stimulate learning through agency, interactive guided experiences, exploration, tours, active participation and knowledge creation.

During our presentation and tour Chimera, Nany and Adrianne will guide you through portions of their MVM Exhibits.

Let’s 3D-walk through virtual worlds for education. You are welcome to explore the Museum of Virtual Media at any time:


Adriana Sanchez (Adrianne Lexico/SL 2009) holds a Certificate in Virtual Worlds from the University of Washington. She has been an EduNation Resident since 2010. She works at The Digital Trainer. Over 20 years’ experience teaching English and Spanish for Specific Purposes to adults in multinational companies. Currently training educators on the use of web 2.0 tools, social networks and 3D virtual environments to enhance task-based learning. As an E.learning and Virtual Worlds Specialist, developing instructional and multimedia materials for online courses and providing consultation on how to integrate LMS and 3DVLE for distance education.

Liz Dorland (Chimera Cosmos/SL 2006) is an educational innovator and early adopter of new technologies for education. Teaching college chemistry for 35 years in colleges in the USA provided an understanding of how students learn and the effective use of visualizations and animations. National Science Foundation activities include serving on NSF Review Panels since the 1992 and as an NSF-DUE chemistry program director in 2003-04. Ongoing projects utilize virtual worlds and social media as learning, communication, and international collaboration environments with a focus on faculty professional development. In July 2011, Liz was co-chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science & Education and works at Washington U in St. Louis.

Nancy McDonald Miller (Nany Kayo/SL 2007) is the Executive Director of Virtual Native Lands. She promotes the use of virtual worlds technologies to strengthen and sustain real world Native American communities. Currently developing 3D immersive educational video games for teaching and preserving endangered Native American languages and cultures. Citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Member of the Modern Language Association of America. Non-profit professional. Software engineer. Graphics designer. Virtual Worlds Consultant, Nonprofit Administrator. Records Keeper at Cherokee Community of Puget Sound. Promoting cultural knowledge and identity among Cherokees in the Puget Sound area.

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