Normalising the use of SL: the design and preparation of Linnaeus University’s ‘Teaching in English’ course

Saturday, 29 September 2012  1am SLT 8 am GMT

Recording (55min):

Normalising the use of SL: the design and preparation of Linnaeus University’s ‘Teaching in English’ course 

Teaching in English is an 8 EC course which will be run by Linnaeus University in south-eastern Sweden for teachers of specialist subjects who need practice in running their courses, lectures, seminars, etc in English. The course will be offered for the first time in Autumn 2013, using a mix of Second Life for the practical sessions, and Adobe Connect and Moodle for synchronous and asynchronous discussion of the theoretical aspects of the course. The course is associated with, but not run by, the EUROVERSITY EU networking project which aims to support networks of teachers in higher education across Europe who use 2D and 3D environments to deliver their courses.
This presentation will examine some of the technical, administrative and practical issues in designing and delivering a course which will be studied by university teachers from Umeå in the north of Sweden to Coimbra in Portugal entirely on-line, and invite comments and suggestions from participants at SLanguages 2012.
BIO David Richardson [Davric Rinkitink]
David Richardson teaches English at Linnaeus University in south-eastern Sweden, and Second Life is one of the environments he works in. He’s been running the Business Talking course on Kamimo Island in Second Life each term since Spring 2008 (so it’s now just starting its 10th cycle). The course is all about developing skills in speaking English in a variety of business contexts, from formal presentations to negotiations and successful students earn 3 European Credits. David has been teaching English in a number of different places on the globe (IRL) for over 30 years and is currently experimenting with different ways of using ICT to enhance learning on-line.

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