Petah and the Wolf

SATURDAY, 29 September 2012 –  3pm SLT | 10pm GMT | 7am TYO (Sun)

Recording (36min):

Petah and the Wolf Independent Ballet

Independent Ballet’s production of a children’s favourite, Petah and the Wolf. A musical story of a small and fearless child who plays in the woods and is more than a match for the Big Bad Wolf. 
Music by Prokofiev
Directed by Dubhna Rhiadra
With choreography by Dubhna Rhiadra, Deyna Broek and Annamaria Manatiso
Set Design by award-winning SL artist Fae Varriale


Petah: Deyna Broek
Bird Safi Farspire
Duck: Caledonia Skytower
Cat: Josephine Bridget
Grandfather: Halfpint Raymaker
Wolf: Aminata Potez
Hunters: Dubhna Rhiadra, Nayade Xue, Arabella Luminos. Halfpint Raymaker

About Independent Ballet: 

IB blogspot:

Bio Dubhna Rhiadra and Independent Ballet Company (IBC)

Dubhna Rhiadra is a community dance practitioner and storyteller in RL as well as having degrees in theology and celtic languages. Her interest in dance developed through working with disabled adults in the 90s when she co-founded and co-directed an integrated dance company as part of a local community dance project in Wales. From there she moved on to doing her own productions working independently in West Wales. She began live storytelling, when she was involved in running a Women’s Music Festival in West Wales for several years, creating multi-media projects with composers and musicians and dancers. 
She has brought these skills into SL where her first major multi- media project was Blue Rose with Myth Systers which she choreographed entirely.

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Bio Fae Varriale

“Often dark and moody, Fae’s artwork is inspired by myth, folklore and fantasy. The haunting imagery draws you into strange yet familiar dreamworlds.”

Drawing on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and the ability to change appearance to almost anything you wish, Fae uses photographs taken inworld as the basis for her pictures.

As a keen builder she soon also developed a passion for creating 3D art and immersive installations.

She is also involved in creating installations as part of mixed media performance space, incorporating live music, storytelling and dance and has created stagesets for the Independant Ballet Company, DiversionzDance, BOSL Fashion Week and Miss Virtual World.

Fae has also exhibited at Wash Street, gallery 4, Pyramid Gallery, Dark Draconis Gallery, Gallery Arctica, Rose Gallery, gallery 23, Future Vision Art Gallery, Galeria Mexico, Cuauhnahuac Gallery, torno Kohime Foundation, Alpha Asteri and Pirats Art Network.

LEA full sim series installation May 2012 – ‘Wonderlands’
LEA artist in residence Sept 2012 – Jan 2013

Petah and the Wolf (Part I)

Petah and the Wolf (Part II)


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