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KEYNOTE Dr. Scott Grant: Virtual Prato Tour
Mar 1 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am
KEYNOTE Dr. Scott Grant: Virtual Prato Tour

Presentation and a tour of the build

This talk is about the first stage of a project that a couple of other colleagues and myself completed at the end of last year called Virtual Prato (VP). The core focus of the project is to provide a 3D virtual orientation experience for students from our university who will travel to our centre in Prato, Italy to undertake either language studies or non-language studies (art history, etc,). We have completed 80% of the build and a number of tasks for students to complete.

Scott Grant [Xilin Yifu] is a graduate of Monash University with Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Translation Studies degrees. His PhD thesis on teaching language and culture in virtual worlds. The working title is “Getting Immersed in Chinese”.

Scott spent 8 years living, studying and working in China.

Scott has taught Chinese language and culture at tertiary level for more than ten years. He also taught translation for a number of years at post-graduate level and is a professionally qualified translator. Scott has developed a Chinese-themed virtual leaning environment in Second Life on Chinese Island at Monash University 2.


Holodeck presentation by Dr. Randall Sadler
Mar 1 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Holodecks on EduNation is a free of charge service for the community of language educators and each year there are new editions to the majestic number of some 100 holodecks available. Come tour with Dr. Randall Sadler the latest developments.


Some of the scenes designed for language educators to bring their students and to conduct language learning activities.


  • Open air lecture seating
  • Mega temple
  • Greek temple
  • Roman hall
  • Conference area
  • Library
  • Pyramid with mummy
  • Aquarium
  • Bus stop
  • Farm with animals
  • Restaurant
  • Dining hall
  • Library
  • Restaurant
  • Village square
  • Hunter’s block house
  • Forest seating
  • Winter globe
  • Ice-skating
  • Halloween graveyard
  • Jazz club
  • Swimmingpool
  • Star trek
  • Moon station  and many others

Dr. Randall Sadler:  Randall Sadler is associate professor at  Illinois University, head of the Virtual Worlds SIG of CALICO, and a book author on language learning in virtual worlds and telecollaboration. He is a TESOL member and co-owner of EduNation islands in Second Life.

‘Virtual Worlds for Language Learning: From Theory to Practice (Telecollaboration in Education)’, Randall Sadler, published by Peter Lang AG, Switzerland


CIBOLA: Pedagogical uses of virtual worlds for the teaching of language & culture
Mar 1 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Malcolm Alan Compitello, Juliana Luna Freire

This presentation focuses on Cibola, a virtual “living” region replicating important buildings of Latin America and Spain. Created to hold rotating showcases for student projects, upcoming social events, structured classes, and more, it raises questions not only on urban theory and planning, but also on pedagogical uses of technologies for foreign language teaching and Cultural Studies. Based on the pedagogical possibilities of Second Life for distance learning, combined with its extensive social networking opportunities, this study attempts to investigate the use of virtual reality and the Creation of Online Educational Resources (OER) as living spaces for developing linguistic and cultural competency.  From its inception in 2010, the region has been used as a platform for long-distance and hybrid learning, as well as for partnership with institutions across the globe, such as the ongoing partnership between the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) and Hotel Kafka (Madrid, Spain).

Dr. Malcolm Alan Compitello is Professor and Head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona. He is the Executive Editor of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, and has authored and edited three books on contemporary Spanish literature and numerous articles on contemporary literature and Cultural Studies. He started the Cibola project to explore how Virtual Worlds can be used for educational outcomes in 2010.

Dr. Juliana Luna Freire is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Framingham State University. Her research focuses on comparative literature and Cultural Studies of Latin America and Spain. Her background in educational technologies is from the University of Arizona, addressing the use of ITs for online learning.


Tour in family Gómez house with Dr. Ines Diglione
Mar 1 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Format: Presentation and Tour

Familia Gomez is a series of machinima which have been produced over a period of 2 years with the 15th serial just having been published. This telenovela is designed for learning Spanish and involves a family and their exchange student Bettina. The actors: JOSÉ (father Alfonso Perfferle), MARÍA (mother Losairam), TÍA ANA (Aunt Ana – Ines), MARÍA JOSÉ (Tuanjana as child), BETTINA (Heike Philp), KENNY (a friend of Maria Jose), GLORIS, EL CONDUCTOR (bus driver), KITTY (cat), PUP (puppy dog).

For a description of the characters see here

Ines Diglione aka Inés Rodríguez is doctor of Philology, Full professor of Italian Studies position
Head of Department French and Italian Philology, University of Valencia (Spain)
For several years she occupied various management positions at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication from the University of Valencia. Director of Educational Innovation Project (PIE) Italian Philology, Director of Educational Innovation Program “”ECTS Pilot Project”", Member of Teaching Innovation Group at the University of Valencia TACAES. At the present Director of Teaching Innovation Group and Network of Universities from the University of Valencia SLATES”

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