Romance Language Pilot Project at Vic Uni

FRIDAY, 28 September 2012 – 1pm SL | 8pm GMT| 9pm UK | 4am TYO (Sat)

Recording (52min):


Romance Language Pilot Project at Vic Uni

The VUW language pilot project involves the use of Second Life for 3 language programmes within Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Language and Cultures. The intend of this project is to gauge the level of engagement and motivation of language students when immersed in 3D virtual environments and to provide opportunities to interact naturally with and in the language they are learning in class.

I will be presenting the 3 different programmes elaborated for each language as well the wiki used by tutors to report on their experience as facilitators during the project.


Bio Edith Paillat

Cyber Placebo aka Edith Paillat is the language technology specialist at Victoria University of Wellington. Her role is to find solutions for the integration of technology in the teaching of 12 languages taught at Victoria. She provides support and hands-on training to teaching staff and students using the computer language labs she implemented in 2005 and 2008 consecutively. She is an experienced teacher and teacher of French as a foreign language. She has taught in Vietnam, England, Japan and New Zealand before she took up her current role in 2002.

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