SLanguages 2011

The 5th SLanguages conference just took place on EduNation in Second Life on 16-18 September 2011 and some 493 participants (294 avatarians and 199 participants in Adobe ConnectPro) enjoyed a 3-day program by some 72 guests speakers and Second Life actuaries offering 39 sessions.

The conference saw….

  • 493 participants (294 avatarians and 199 participants in Adobe ConnectPro)
  • 72 guest speakers and SL actuaries
  • 39 sessions which consisted of…
    • 3 plenaries
    • 1 keynote
    • 20 presentations
    • 3 workshops
    • 8 tours
    • 5 language demo lessons
    • 1 theatre play
    • a Japanese dance performance
    • 2 artist exhibitions
    • a variety show
    • and of course our infamous SLanguages party

The highlights of this conference included a keynote by Hayo Reinders, a workshop featuring SLoodle 2.0, a Jane Eire theatre play by language learners, a Japanese dance performance, a DJ supported opening show of two artists in SL and two spcecial tours, one to World of Warcraft by Lyr Lobo and one to a role-playing combatting sim in SL (real serious games).

The original program can be found here SLANGUAGES PROGRAMME

The recordings are published as individual blogs and are as follows

Welcome Address with Graham Davies, Dr. Gary Motteram, Dr. Randall Sadler, Heike Philp and Jens-Kjaer Olsen

Situated cognition and Virtual Worlds / Shiv Rajendran, LanguageLab

Situated Language Learning on Arcachon (French)

Scenes from Jane Eyre (Theatre Play) directed by Lynn Hand and acted by….

Cibola Real Places, Virtual Space: Cibola as an Hispanic Urban Island in Second Life

Educational Tools for Learning Japanese in Second Life / Akemi Mochizuki aka Draceina Pinion

Social Networks: Which One? / Chris Smith aka Shamblesguru

Archi 21 / Lesley Scopes aka Light Sequent

Student Learning Outcomes and the Instituto Espanol Experience / Wilson Voight

World of Warcraft Tour /  Dr. Cynthia Calongne aka Lyr Lobo

PLENARY: Virtual Cultures Research as situated learning? / Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming aka Augenblick Winkler and Tobias Becker, Thomas John, Emma Corbett-Ashby, Fidel Devkoto, Manizhe Ali, Elena Quintarelli, Lidia Rossner

Scenes from Jane Eyre (Theatre Play)

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