Machinima II Culture and Art

  1. The following machinimas.

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The expression ‘Machinima’ stands for a video taken in a virtual world. We are proud to present machinimas with language learning conversations and culture in SL. Enjoy and let us know which ones you like most.

SLanguages conference trailer
SLanguages is the real adventure from mariusmadrigal on Vimeo.



Being a journalist in Second Life

Catarina  Laranjeiro (Portugal)

Virtual Child

Liana McKelvy (Canada)

Politics ins Virtual Worlds

Sharon Ryba-Kahn (Germany) (21min)

Cinema Talk 

David Moore (USA)

Virtual Road to Enlightenment

Tania Gaitani (Greece) (11min)


Occupy Second Life Machinima film

Karin Bage (Sweden) (9min)

Tattoos in Second Life

Mikko Toiviainen (Finnland) 

Password: anthropology



Underwater virtual nature 

Juliana Bologna (Italy)



Petah and the Wolf – Ballet Performance

Part II

DJ Mick Stanton @ SLanguages Party


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