Spanish Symposium

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 8am SLT | 3pm GMT | 12am TYO

Recording (1h):

Recording (1h2min):

SPANISH Symposium 


Aprendizaje de herramientas docentes en mundos virtuales

Se describirá los dos cursos organizados como coordinadora de innovacón docente de la Universidad de Valencia, sobre creación y edición de machinimas y sobre Recursos Docentes en Mundos Virtuales. Los dos cursos fueron pensados para la ayuda a docentes que utilizan SL como plataforma educativa.

Bio – Ines Rodriguez [Inés Diglione] 

Profesora Titular de Universidad de Filología Italiana, en la Universidad de Valencia.
Doctora en Literatura italiana.
Directora del Departamento de Filología Francesa e Italiana de la Universidad de Valencia
Coordinadora del proyecto de Innovación educativa Project Pilot ECTS y como tal organizadora de los cursos en SL: Machinima Para Educadores
Recursos Docentes en Mundos Virtuales SLATES’12

A new gaze on Linguistics from the outlook of Virtual World

We are convinced about the potential of Virtual Worlds for teaching and learning in a new way some subjects like -in my case- Linguistics, related with languages and interculturality. We will present my work with my students in University of Valencia (Spain) on Contrastive Linguistics between the some spanish languages varieties, and explain to audience how I have done for organize myself to reach my objectives with full satisfaction between my students.

Bio Montserrat Veyrat [SemonRatvey]

I am Ph.D. in Linguistics, and i am researcher in Neurolinguistics and Clinical Linguistics. I have 24 years of experience teaching in University level, introducing digital environment in my classes since 2008. Now I work also in Second Life since the 2011-2012 course. I have started in Second Life conducted by NANEC2010 Course. I have presented my work in Rhetoric subject on VWBP’2012.

Bio Alfonso Garavito Olivar [Alfonso Pfefferle/ Alfonso Gradenko]

EFL teacher from Colombia has taught English as a Foreign Language classes for decades and then since 2006 using SL as a Virtual Environment for teaching and researching about how to teach in virtual platforms.
From the beginning in second life, Alfonso Garavito Olivar asa Alfonso Perfferle has been very active as a teacher, facilitator, entrepreneur, virtual tutor, independent trainer for educator and in 2010 as a machinimatographers.
Teaching, training regular students and teachers in subjects like EFL for Spanish speakers, Spanish as a second language for English speakers, teacher training who want to learn more about Virtual World as a tool for blended and 100% distance courses.
Certificated machinimatographer from Valencia University Workshop 2011, machinimas using both languages English and Spanish.
His currently Main projects with machinimas are :
* Virtual Tv Magazine, Aprendiendo con la familia Gomez.
* Running Virtual Tv Media Production “VTM ” from November 2011.
Winner of MachinEVO award for Best Second Life

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