Virtual language villages in Opensim

SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 – 4am SLT | 11am GMT | 8pm TYO

Recording (1h4min):

Virtual language villages in Opensim

Virtual language villages are used in Holland to train children (12-16) to talk in a foreign language. In these villages, students can visit several shops and have conversations with other students and shopkeepers to learn conversating in this language. Behind these in-world shopkeepers are real people, teachers working on schools or native speakers somewhere at home. They can be located anywhere in the world, they only need to log in and use their headset to talk. Two villages are built now, a French (Parolay) and an English (Chatterdale) village.

BIO – Nick Mulligan [Nick Zwart]

Studied music, ICT and theology in Amsterdam (Fontys University) where he specialized in new media for religious education. Has worked as a teacher in several schools and taught the master degree ‘new media and religion’ at Fontys university. For more then a decade he worked as a community manager for Kennisnet which is the leading expert when it comes to ICT in education in the Netherlands.He also works for the University of Alcala de Henares programming NPC’s for in-world language training.Currently he holds the position of CEO of 3DLES, a company that is specialised in 3D Learning Experience Services with a focus on education in Opensim.

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