Workshop – Emoting for Creative Storytelling

FRIDAY, 28 September 2012 – 3pm SL | 10pm GMT | 6am TYO (Sat)

Recording (44min):


Workshop - Emoting for Creative Storytelling 

Emoting is what turns a dialog into a descriptive story full of actions and interactions between the participants.

Despite the wealth of visual clues in SL about the location there is a need to make up for the lack of avatar’s motion and actions in situ. It is always difficult to pull out an animation at the right time during the action, Avatars are not always looking at the right person when the action takes place and a plot can develop very quickly when participants acts and depend on the text rather than on visual clues. Come and find out how to develop a spontaneous text-based plot collaboratively starting from the environment you are in.


BIO – Edith Paillet [Cyber Placebo]

Passionate about language learning, instructional design and related educational technologies, specifically 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments for situated and experiential learning. 
Interests: Teacher Training and Coaching, emerging educational technologies, 3D Multi User Virtual Environments, following socio-constructivist principles, situated and experiential learning  and distributed Communities of Practice related to language learning and teaching


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